LL&A Interior Design provides complete, full-service interior design services for a diverse base of commercial clients, with an emphasis on the corporate, hospitality and healthcare industries.  In addition, the firm's capabilities include a full array of residential services including new construction, home staging, total renovations and per-room designs.  In both commercial and residential projects, LL&A Interior Design specializes in all facets of design.  Services include space planning, project management, selections and specifications for finishes and furnishings to include: flooring, wall covering, lighting and window treatments, artwork and accessories.  Design styles range from contemporary, classic, traditional, to transitional and eclectic executions.

About Our Services

Through superior communication, exceptional client service and a commitment to providing individualized attention, LL&A Interior Design is this region's choice for creative, innovative interior design solutions for both commercial and residential projects.

Commercial interiors provide our team the opportunity to demonstrate that experience and expertise play a key role in creating customized solutions that are both practical and functional, yet are driven by style.  We understand that a company's image is a critical factor in attracting and keeping customers and employees alike.  Designed effectively, the interior space of your company can inspire confidence and communicate professionalism.

LL&A Interior Design specializes in the following commercial executions:

Corporate Design.  The importance of effective interior design in a corporate setting is paramount.  Research of consumer preferences reveals that customers who consider a corporation's surroundings attractive are more likely to rate that company's products and services as high quality, are more likely to report an increased level of confidence in those companies, and are more likely to become repeat customers.

Why?  The answer is perception.   LL&A Interior Design can help you achieve an attractive corporate environment through innovative interior design.  By working with you to create surroundings that improve the perception of your company among your employees and clients, solid business growth can result.

Healthcare Design.  Be it a hospital, physician or dental office, urgent care center or long-term care facility, healthcare organizations present a wealth of interior design considerations.  In an environment where healing is a top priority, the role of aesthetics becomes key.  The interior design must employ an effective use of natural light with the right balance of natural materials and textures, with particular attention to proportion, color, scale and detail.  Public spaces, such as lobby and waiting areas, must be bright, open and scaled generously, while patient care areas adhere to a more intimate design.  And, importantly, form and function are foremost concerns as layout and placement of key elements must enhance traffic flow, organizational logistics and the overall design scheme.

With over two decades of healthcare interior design experience, LL&A Interior Design can create an attractive, comfortable and therapeutic environment for patients, visitors and employees alike.  The result?  Enhanced patient satisfaction and an elevated public image, both critical marketing tools.

Hospitality Design.  Over the last several years, the hotel and hospitality industry has moved from supporting a customer's most basic travel needs to introducing higher standards of service and amenities.  From luxurious bedding, towels and shower curtains, upscale soaps and shampoos, and even technological considerations, the hotel and hospitality industry has undergone a monumental transformation.

At the heart of this renaissance is the role of interior design.  Now more than ever, the attractiveness of furnishings, flooring, lighting and window treatments help to enhance the many amenities now available to hotel guests.  What's more, lobbies, conference rooms, dining areas and concierge services must be attractively designed, with thoughtful consideration to traffic flow, functionality and, importantly, guest comfort and convenience.

LL&A Interior Design is a regional leader in providing interior design services for the hospitality industry.  With careful attention to both the overall design scheme as well as the smallest details, hotel properties are transformed into inviting, relaxing spaces that are functional, attractive and unique – which keeps guests coming back again and again.

Residential interiors.  These often are a reflection of personality.  Sometimes, however, residential clients have a feel for what they like, but have a difficult time verbalizing design direction.  LL&A Interior Design can help you become familiar with creative options and personal style, while remaining practical and functional to meet the needs of your family.  LL&A Interior Design partners with clients for the full scope of residential services, from minor projects to total renovations to new construction.

The Creative Process

In an industry where trends can quickly become overused and run-of-the-mill, unbridled creativity is what differentiates LL&A Interior Design from other design firms.  The staff constantly monitors trends, always looking for unique ways to execute a design.  The team at LL&A Interior Design is, simply, a group of people who are passionate about design and partner together to bring a wealth of diverse creativity and unique style to the firm's projects.  This careful blending of passion, personalities and talents culminate in such a broad expanse of creative options that the possibilities are endless.  All combined, the designers' styles encompass contemporary, classic, traditional, global chic, transitional and eclectic executions.  The creative diversity and true passion for design is a significant strength of LL&A Interior Design and its team of professional designers.

The Designer – Client Relationship

The philosophy at LL&A Interior Design is that a client's viewpoint is essential in creating a look that is unique to that client.  From concept to implementation, LL&A Interior Design embraces a proven process to ensure client satisfaction and success for every project:       

  • Listening to determine a client's needs, preferences and functional requirements.
  • Creating a presentation board to help clients grasp a perspective of the total project.
  • Translating client requirements into options for finishes and furnishings.
  • Providing functional yet aesthetically-pleasing furniture layouts and floor plans.
  • Presenting samples of wall coverings, floorings, paints, trims, upholstery, artwork, lighting and built-in architectural elements.
  • Specifying and ordering all materials, as well as coordinating with appropriate contractors.
  • Overseeing installation of all finishes and furnishings.
  • Hosting consistent, comprehensive progress meetings to keep the project on track.
  • Communicating any revisions as the project moves forward.
  • Tending to final details to ensure a successful completion.

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